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6 Benefits of Having a Prinsu Roof Rack

When it comes to roof racks, finding a set that offers durability, ease of installation, and a sleek design is a must. Prinsu roof rack systems tick all those boxes and more. Unique systems honed and perfected, see Prinsu roof racks as one of the industry's top players. 

Offering an assortment of styles and designs, the benefits of having a Prinsu roof rack are vast. These systems make adventuring a lot simpler. They transform the way you pitch a roof top tent or carry your supplies while Overlanding. Learn the specifications and benefits as we dive deeper into why this brand offers roof racks that are superior in every way and how they will benefit you.

6 Benefits You Will Get From A Prinsu Rack 


1) Installation Is A Breeze!

A burning question that needs asking is this: Can you put roof racks on any car? In a word, yes. Some roof racks come universally designed to fit any vehicle. Other companies make roof rack systems to fit a specific vehicle. Prinsu is one such company. They offer a variety of roof racks made to fit a range of cars. An example of such is the Prinsu roof rack designed for the 1st Gen Subaru Crosstrek (2013-2017)

Each Prinsu roof rack sees a unique design that allows the system to fit the intended vehicle's form precisely. This shaping allows for the perfect fit every time. Installation of these roof racks is a breeze. Prinsu crafts their roof racks in such a way that enables them to mount directly to the factory-installed mounting points on your vehicle. What does this mean for you? It means no drilling into the body of your car. It also means no tricky measurements, no water damage, and no fuss. The Prinsu roof rack install guide that comes with the system will guide you through the process with ease. 

2) Unique in Design

When it comes to roof racks, the capability is key. Prinsu rack systems feature a modular design that places functionality at the forefront of the system. The interchangeable form makes it simple to attach an assortment of Prinsu roof rack accessories. It also makes it far easier to secure your cargo firmly to the racks. 

These roof rack systems bolt together so you can choose how many support bars to add or remove. Because you can take away support bars, these Prinsu roof racks won’t interfere with your vehicle’s sunroof. Remove the bars that would cause an obstruction - it’s that easy! A perfect example of this modular design would be the Prinsu 2010-2021 Toyota 5th Gen 4runner Roof Rack.

3) Durability

Roof racks that corrode, rust, and disintegrate over time are of no use to anyone. They are expensive and need frequent replacing. Not to mention the need to uninstall them only to reinstall a new set. No, thank you! This design is just another reason why Prinsu roof racks are so beneficial. They last. 

Prinsu makes us of anodized alloy that sees a powder-coated finish. The alloy makes the roof rack system lightweight. An essential feature for any set of racks as often, the weight capacity a car roof can handle is minimal. You don’t want the weight of the roof racks taking up most of that capacity.  

The powder-coating protects the system from the elements. It guards the roof racks against harsh UV rays that can cause the metal to become brittle. This coating also makes the roof racks resistant to rain and water that causes rusting and corrosion. In considering these aspects, Prinsu roof rack systems are perfect for adventuring, no matter what the weather brings. 

These rack systems are long-lasting. As such they save you the effort of uninstalling and reinstalling a set of roof racks on your car. They also save you money.

4) Aesthetic Appeal

Just because they are functional, it doesn’t mean that roof racks need to look that way. Prinsu proves this with its selection of sleek and stylish designs. The Prinsu 2005-2021 Toyota Tacoma Cab Rack, for instance, offers a slick, polished appearance. A unique piece of equipment that adds to the aesthetic of your vehicle. 

Each element of the roof rack system fits together cleanly. A design complemented by the sleek black powder-coated finish. Prinsu crafts the parts that make up the roof racks to achieve a look and feel adventurers love. Leaving you with a seamless piece of equipment that performs optimally and adds a dash of style to your car.

5) Accessories Galore 


Universal roof rails make applying extra luggage accessories simple enough. Yet, a Prinsu roof rack system makes it a cinch. The modular construction of these roof racks and their adjustable nature makes adding on accessories an easy task. Format your roof rack system’s layout to include any extra features such as a rooftop tent with the Prinsu 1” Tent Mounting Feet. A Prinsu Mercedes Sprinter Van Ladder connects to the roof racks. This ladder makes placing luggage a quick task that needs little effort.

Other accessories that you can combine with your Prinsu roof racks are items such as a wind deflector. This handy item helps to direct the wind around the roof racks and your luggage. In doing so, the deflector reduces the drag on your car, saving you on fuel costs. 

A light bar is another piece of equipment that attaches to your roof rack system. The light bar adds an extra element of light that works almost like a spotlight. A useful tool when Overlanding in the wilderness where light is scarce, and the terrain is rugged. 

If you plan on heading on a family vacation, a Prinsu Design Cargo Basket Kit comes recommended. These baskets connect to your roof racks to provide a more secure environment for luggage such as suitcases. This system comes with raised sides that work to keep your goods contained. 

In allowing you to connect an assortment, these roof racks save you time and money. Gone are the days of needing to replace roof racks to accommodate your luggage needs. Now, you adjust them instead.

6) Cost-Effective


Prinsu roof racks will also save you money. They offer an aerodynamic design that reduces drag on your vehicle. Drag or wind resistance experienced by your car causes you to need to use more power to move forward. This extra power causes you to use more fuel, making your fuel cost rise. The roof racks designed by Prinsu allow for air to flow above and below the cargo, reducing the resistance. 

As discussed earlier, these roof rack systems allow you to add on many different accessories. Instead of having to buy a new set of roof racks each time you transport other goods, you now need to clip or bolt on a new accessory. 

Because installing these rack systems is so easy, you can install it yourself—no need to pay a dealership to do it for you. The simple method of connecting the roof racks to your car will also save money. No drilling into the body of your vehicle means that water damage and other problems that arise with this technique are avoided.


These roof rack systems make your life simpler, and they make your car look sleek. Not only that, but they also allow you to transport more items with ease. By keeping costs down and offering impressive longevity, these roof racks make travel light on the wallet. 

Prinsu designs roof racks for all cars, from Toyota and Lexus to Ford, Dodge, and Subaru. So why not enjoy safe and comfortable travels? With so many benefits to offer, it’s about time you start looking for Prinsu roof racks of your own.