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Prinsu vs Front Runner Roof Racks for 5th Gen 4Runner

Prinsu vs Front Runner Roof Racks for 5th Gen 4Runner

The Prinsu and Front Runner rivalry for the best roof rack continues. This time, it’s for the 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner. (If you wish to check out Prinsu Vs Front Runner Roof Rack for Tacoma edition, visit our blog section). Anyway, back to Toyota 4Runner. Roof racks for 5th Gen 4Runners are quite distinct compared to racks made for other vehicles like the Tacoma. One excellent difference is that 4Runner racks are available in multiple sizes: full-length, ¾ length, and ⅞ length. This variety of choices makes roof rack shopping for overlanders even more thrilling.

Battle for the Best 4Runner Roof Rack

There are hundreds of names and manufacturers creating high-quality 4Runner roof racks in the market. However, these two giants always fight for the number 1 spot: Front Runner and Prinsu. Nothing benefits more from this healthy competition than avid overlanders and offroaders. Because of this, newer and better roof racks are regularly produced and introduced to the evolving innovation-hungry market. 

Which is a Better Roof Rack: Prinsu or Front Runner?

The answer to this tough question greatly varies depending on the buyer’s preference and needs. Both rack makers create bolt-together roof racks that can carry a great amount of loads. While one is American-made and the other is an international line, both are well-established and credible brands. So, which one is superior? Let’s hear it from the users.

Some customer feedback points out Prinsu to be the better-looking roof rack over Front Runner due to its low-profile design. Also, roof rack inclusions such as the wind deflector and light bar cutout are features a lot of owners appreciate in Prinsu roof racks. Buyers also find Prinsu a lot more affordable than Front Runner.

On the other hand, team Front Runner claims that the company won’t be called “front runner” for no reason. They emphasized the well-thought mounting system of Front Runner racks. In fact, Front Runner roof systems have drill options for their full-length racks for added stability. Additionally, the endless amount of available accessories for Front Runner just makes customization a lot easier. For these reasons, customers are happy to justify the price difference.

Good Prinsu and Front Runner Roof Rack Options

Now that you know the advantages of each brand over the other, we have listed some of their best-selling 4Runner roof racks for you to choose from. Prinsu racks are known for their flat decks and no-drill installation, while Front Runner’s Slimsport racks fair well with Prinsu’s low-profile design with so many more additional accessories available.

Final Verdict

Regardless of which side you belong to, both Prinsu and Front Runner are proven and tested roof rack creators. If you want to explore all other options, just remember that there are always more choices than you think. Check out our roof racks section to see other popular brands like Eezi-Awn and LFD Off Road. Alternatively, you may also speak with one of our experts for a personalized guide on choosing the best roof rack for your 5th Gen 4Runner.

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