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4Runner Roof Rack Accessories

4Runner Roof Rack Accessories

Great 4Runners are ordinary 4Runners with extraordinary accessories. Yes, that’s right. You can make your very own SUV outshine other offroad vehicles by being a little extra. Just when you thought roof racks are cool enough for your 4Runner, there are a great deal of roof rack accessories you can mount into your car to achieve that winning look. So, why settle for average when you can be extraordinary? 

What are roof rack accessories for?

4Runner roof rack accessories are not only intended to make your vehicle look nicer. Each type serves a purpose. Some of the uses of these accessories are to 1) help secure your cargo, 2) make roof top tent mounting easier, 3) strengthen roof bars and other roof systems, 4) create access going up and down the roof of your SUV, or 5) hold other accessories safely in place like in cases of LED light bars.

What are the most common roof rack accessories available?

When it comes to 4Runner rack accessories, the sky's the limit. May it be for attaching ditch lights, storing loads, or bolting pieces together—there is a solution for that. Some of the most common types of accessories for roof racks include the following:

  • Holders and carriers - used to transport kayaks, canoes, bicycles, skis, snowboards, stand-up paddleboards, fishing rods, etc. 
  • Roof cargo boxes and alloy trays - for better storage capability and aerodynamics
  • Windshields or Wind deflectors or Wind Fairing - added to quiet down noise or redirect airflow up and over the roof rack
  • Load panels - strengthen crossbars and take unused space to transform it into a valuable gear storage solution
  • Overlanding lights - can be integrated to provide better illumination when off roading or camping
  • Shades and ladders - attached with awnings, annexes, or roof top tents to keep camping on the go
  • Brackets and mount kits - for tight carrying solutions and sturdy dwelling mounting support 
  • Straps, bolts, and pads - tie-down ropes and security bolts for safe and easy cargo transfers, as well as wrap pads to protect roof rack crossbars.

What are the top accessories for your 4runner roof rack?

Here at Roof Top Overland, we offer a vast range of 4Runner roof rack accessories only from esteemed brands like Front Runner, Rhino Rack, Prinsu, and Cali Raised among others. If you are looking for the best accessories to match your 4Runner roof rack, we have listed 11 recommendations below.

Front Runner Pro Canoe / Kayak / SUP Carrier

This product allows easy loading and secure transport of your kayaks, canoes, or SUPs during transit. Featuring adjustable brackets that allow multiple mounting angles, this carrier set consists of a strong and durable pair of Stratchits, 4 eye nuts, 2 adjustable holders, installation hardware, fitting instructions, as well as cushioned weather-resistant base padding that protects your load in the course of your travel

Rhino Rack Folding J Style Kayak Carrier

    The Folding J Style Kayak Carrier (S512) is a space-saving carrier solution that is designed to carry all types of kayaks and canoes on its side—creating extra space for additional watercraft equipment and other gear. Its universal clamp-style mounting system is compatible with many types of crossbars and roof rack systems. 

    The S512 comes with 2 cradles, stainless steel hardware, rubber tube padding, 4 tie-down straps, as well as an integrated paddle carrier. One other interesting feature of this carrier is that it is extendable. By attaching the S512X extension piece, you can add an extra watercraft. In fact, depending on the width of your crossbars, you can have two full setups of the S512 and S512X to support 4 kayaks.

    Front Runner Fork Mount Bike Carrier / Power Edition


    Great for cycling enthusiasts, this fork mount bike carrier is the safest option to keep your bike stable while your 4Runner goes through extreme terrains. This two-piece product consists of 1) a fork clamp that features a quick release that fits all standard fork dropouts and 2) a rear-wheel holder that can accommodate all wheel sizes and widths from 700C x 23mm road wheels up to 26 x 4.5" fat bike tires.

    Prinsu 1” Tent Mounting Feet

    These tent mounting feet make adding roof top tent to your 4Runner roof rack a lot easier. This powder-coated product is rust- and corrosion-resistant. Prinsu 1” Tent Mounting Feet are sold in sets of 4. 

    Front Runner Quick Release Tent Mount Kit

    One of the best roof rack accessories you can add to your vehicle is this quick-release tent mount kit. This product makes adding and removing roof top tents effortless. The kit includes 4 brackets/latches that you need to install into your roof rack. Once these brackets are attached, you won’t be needing any tools to mount or remove your tent. Additionally, these latches are lockable to keep your tent firmly intact.

    Prinsu Maxtrax Universal Mount

    This affordable and functional Maxtrax universal mount can be bolted in any direction or configuration on your roof rack. After which, you can just attach the Matrax mounting pins, and you’re all set. These strong and sturdy brackets come in powder-coated black and are sold as a pair. 

    Prinsu RotoPax Mount – Dual Crossbar Mount

    This Prinsu RotoPax mount is a simple yet efficient solution for mounting your RotoPaX Containers to your 4Runner rack. This product is an upgrade to its Prinsu RotoPax Mount – Single Crossbar Mount counterpart. The dual crossbar mount is more versatile as it allows you to mount any size of RotoPaX cans however will best fit your needs—length-wise (front to back) or width-wise (side to side). Moreover, the dual crossbar version allows up to 3-gallon cans to be attached versus the one-gallon limit of the single crossbar type.

    Cali Raised LED MOLLE Panel for Prinsu Roof Rack

    This lightweight yet strong aluminum panel makes the most out of unused space and transforms it into additional storage. It comes with drop-in nuts that will fit directly in the aluminum crossbars making for an easy 5-minute install. This product is perfect for mounting MOLLE bags, recovery gear, tools, high lift jacks, axes, shovels, etc.

    Front Runner Easy Out Awning Brackets

    The Front Runner Easy-Out Awning bolts easily to your Front Runner roof rack. These strong brackets are a more aesthetically-pleasing alternative to bulky galvanized L brackets. It can easily be removed when the Easy-Out Awning is not in use and include 3 brackets and 1 nut-and-bolt kit.

    Cali Raised LED 40" Cut-Out Prinsu Roof Rack Slim LED Light Bar Bracket Kit

    Particularly designed to hold the Cali Raised LED  42” slim light bar on your Prinsu roof rack, these custom laser cut brackets are off-road tough and proven and tested. It is corrosion-resistant and very easy to install. It also has a slim, low-profile design that ensures minimal wind noise and vibrations. 

    Front Runner Toyota 4runner (5th Gen) Ladder

    The Front Runner ladder lets you access your roof top tent with ease. This strong and durable product clamps around the top and bottom of the rear door—requiring no drilling or any vehicle modification. It is made from black powder-coated 3CR12 stainless steel with 23.6" x 7.9" x 45.7" dimensions and 13.7lb weight. 

    Accessories make things better. With the many options laid out for your Toyota 4Runner, the possibilities are endless. Touch up your roof rack, enhance your vehicle, and upgrade your experience. Check out our diverse list of accessories and other overlanding gears for your next adventure.

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