BadAss Tents

BadAss Tents make some the best low profile tents on the market with their newest Convoy and Rugged models.  The Convoy weighs a mere 122 lbs and is only 5" tall.  It attaches to the roof of your vehicle with no modifications, which allows it to cut through the wind as if it’s not even there. Its patented aerodynamic design means no added wind noise, loss in gas mileage and it fits in your garage.

With the optional top mounted cross bars you can securely use it as a roof rack while in route to your campsite and best of all... IT LOOKS BADASS!

The BadAss Tents Rugged model is ever thinner, being only 4" tall and weighs 113 lbs.  The Rugged is the thinnest and lightest roof top tent on the market.  

Patented Moonroof - Looking for the best views of any rooftop tent? Look no further, BadAss tents has you covered with the worlds first, and patented, moonroof on a removable rooftop tent. Just imaging watching the stars as you fall asleep at night or watching the sun rise in the am without having to get out of bed from any of the 4 large windows. The dark smoke moonroof panels have optics grade transparency and impact resistance that will out last the life of your vehicle.

500 LB Payload Capacity - Using American sourced 5051 aluminum alloy extruded to their engineering specifications, this space-age aluminum frame is tougher than nails and weights only 30lbs assembled. Now that said, make sure your vehicles roof can handle 500lbs of thumping before you get to work.  Perfect for mounting solar panels, kayaks, canoes, bike, skis, water, storage boxes, or any other gear.  

* Easy Setup     * MADE in the USA     * 3 Year Warranty

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