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Eezi-Awn K9 Roof Rack Leg

Ready to Build Your Own K9 Roof Rack System? We offer mix-and-match components that can be purchased individually or all-inclusive systems for your vehicle!

The K9 Roof Rack Legs from Eezi-Awn are powder-coated stainless steel, designed to attach to your vehicle's existing rain gutters and support the K9 platform to create a complete system. The extremely durable leg is adjustable in height and can tilt its mounting angle 20-degrees in either direction. 

A leg should be used at every cross brace on both sides of the K9 platform. For example, if your platform has 5 cross braces (running side to side), you should anticipate needing 10 legs to mount properly. 

Please note that this item is (1) leg. Other items are still required for installation and mounting.

The K9 Roof Rack Feet come in 3 basic sizes: 40mm / 2.5", 65mm / 3.25", and 90mm / 4". Each of these feet do have a height adjustment range, measuring from the top of the mounting rail vertically to the top of the foot where the platform attaches. At first glance, the available sizes are in the middle of their ranges; this is because Eezi-Awn uses their middle measurement height as the identifier.
  • 40mm (2.5") height range 55-65mm (2.25" - 2.5")
  • 65mm (3.25") height range 75-90mm (3" - 3.5")
  • 90mm (4") height range 95-115mm (3.75" - 4.5")
The K9 Roof Rack Legs are all measured from the bottom of the leg that sits in the gutter, vertically to the top of the leg where the platform attaches. Each size has 15mm, or a little over 0.5" of height range upward from the listed height.
  • 150mm (6") height range 150-165mm (6" - 6.5")
  • 170mm (6.75") height range 170-185mm (6.75" - 7.25")
  • 190mm (7.5") height range 190-205mm (7.5" - 8")
  • 210mm (8.25") height range 210-225mm (8.25" - 8.75")
  • 230mm (9") height range 230-245mm (9" - 9.5")
  • 250mm (9.75") height range 250-265mm (9.75" - 10.25")
  • 300mm (11.75") height range 300-315mm (11.75" - 12.25")


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