Prinsu - Subaru Outback 2015-2019 Roof Rack

Each Prinsu roof rack is designed to be completely modular and allow the customer to customize the rack to fit their needs. Each Prinsu roof rack is also designed to be form-fitting to each particular vehicle that it will mount to. Combine this functionality with special high strength aluminum alloy construction and you have the most functional, most aerodynamic, and best looking roof rack you could ever mount to your vehicle!

The Subaru Outback Prinsu rack features all of the standard benefits of a Prinsu roof rack.  The rack comes with black anodized crossbars and a clear anodized crossbar for the wind deflector mount. Each crossbar has the Prinsu exclusive “drop points” which allow easy access to mount any of your accessories. Each Prinsu crossbar is also made of a special high strength alloy that is exclusive to the Prinsu brand!

The side rails and wind deflector also come powder coated and all mounting hardware to attach the rack to the roof of the vehicle comes with each roof rack. Each rack comes standard with a set of tie-down rings as well.

There are several choices you have when placing an order for a Prinsu roof rack. The first choice is whether you want to mount a light bar on the front of the rack or not. Wind deflectors are offered which specifically made to fit each light bar option that the customer may choose. If you do not want to mount a light bar then our rack comes with our standard wind deflector to dramatically reduce wind noise and provide good aerodynamics for the vehicle at cruising speeds. You also have the choice to add “noise reducing trim” which will dramatically reduce further wind noise caused during windy conditions, especially when crosswinds are involved. The Prinsu roof rack is the quietest roof rack available due to its sleek and form-fitting design. It has been engineered to be strong, yet quiet!

CLICK HERE for light bar options.

Additional Information:

  • Overall Length: 80”
  • Side Rail Height: 2-5/8” (measured at center)
  • Added Height: 2” (measured from the center point of the roof)
  • Clearance: ¾” (between roof and rack)
  • Weight: 48 lbs
  • Sunroof Functional: Yes
  • 44" Crossbars (black): x8
  • 44" Crossbar (clear): x1
  • Product Weight: 48 lbs

*Only comes with a standard and 40” c/o option for the wind deflector.

*Noise reducing edge trim is included with the roof rack purchase.*

Installation Instructions